Grameen Phone Selection Process

Topics: Recruitment, Human resource management, Mobile phone Pages: 18 (5538 words) Published: November 26, 2011
24 May 2008
MR. Amlan J. Haque
Senior Lecturer
School Of Business
Independent University, Bangladesh
Subject: Submission of the report on “Recruitment and Selection Procedure of GP. Dear Sir,
We have the immense pleasure to submit our report on “Recruitment and Selection Procedure of GP” for your kind consideration.While making this report we came across many hurdles and pleasant experiences. But the valuable experiences we have gained during the period will undoubtedly benefit us in the real work field. Despite the several constraints, we gave our all efforts to make this report a meaningful one and in this way we express our deep gratitude as you kindly have given us the scope and assigned the task. We have tried heart and soul to make this case analysis perfect but for time limitation and other difficulties we may be some mistakes. We hope that you will ignore our faults and consider our lacks while judging the report. We enjoy this study and gladly attend any suggestion of you to clarify on any point, if necessary. At last, thanking you very much for assigning us such a pragmatic and interesting topic for preparing the report. Sincerely yours,

Md.Khaleque Faisal Emon
On behalf of Group:

All praises to be ALLAH and peace is on his prophet Mohammed (sm) We are higly indebted to those who helped us to prepare the report. We are alsoindebted to our course teacher MR. Amlan J. Haque for giving us this topic to make the report. Then we would like to express our sincere thanks to some of our friends for their help & we are grateful to those participants whose participation made possible to accomplish our report. we would like to thank IUB computer lab and library for their support that helped us to complete this work successfully. At last i wish to express my earnest gratitude to all of my course mates.

Executive summery
Recruitment and selection are one of the most important concerns for every organization. Recruitment process starts from the advertisement until the receipt of CV. As soon as the CV is dropped the recruitment process ends and the selection process begins. Strategic planning for recruitment and selection indicates the past trends and future forecast of organization. Grameen phone is the largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh, which holds nearly fifty percent share ofthis industry. Grameen Phone is gradually expanding its business to the edge of the country and holds a substantial share. Introduction & Background of The Study:

Report is a compulsory requirement for everybody pursuing an BBA degree at the Independent University. We studied a lot of things about GrameenPhone and collected documents in various prospect in this regard. When we were continuing our study, we came to know a lot of things about GrameenPhone because this study attempts to produce a constructive report on recruitment and selection procedure of GrameenPhone. Ressons For Choosing GP:

Reports play a vital role in the field of communication both in the educational orientation and in practical life. So from this side, it must be better in choosing or selecting the entire organization. Because a well-established organization or company can provide the best materials or documents to prepare a report easily which is very important in BBA.GP is a high ambitious and well-reputed company in Bangladesh currently used by over 1.3 billion people in some 250 countries. GrameenPhone believes in service, a service that leads to good business and good development. Scope of the Study:

The report covers the procedure of the recruitment and selection and emphasizes the human resource management on some position. The total industry and investment situation of the country is not observed in the report so this report does not actually compare the position of the mobile companies in the context of the total business situation of the country. Objectives of the Study:

Broad Objective
The broad objective of this study is to...
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