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A Report On

HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited




HR Practices in Grameenphone Limited

Prepared For

Kaniz Mariam Akhter

Course Instructor – HRM 526

Prepared By

Department of Business Administration
Leading University

Date of Submission: 17 August 2008


17 August 2008
Kaniz Mariam Akhter
Department of Business Administration
Leading University
Sylhet – 3100

Submission of a Report on HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited

Dear Madam,
This is our pleasure to accomplish the Project Work (HRM 526) and submit the report on “HR Practices in Grameenphone limited.” Here is the report on “HR Practices in Grameenphone limited”. We prepared the report on the basis of the Study on Human Resource planning and personnel policies of Grameenphone limited, a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh. This report is prepared on the basis of both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected by questioning the concerned people of the company during the period of the working hour; while secondary data was collected from various printed documents like annual report etc. of the copmany. Although; the main purpose of the report is to provide an insight to Human Resource planning and personnel policies of Grameenphone limited, a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh. We would like to express our gratitude to you for your tiresome effort for us which provided the opportunity to complete this project.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
Johora Fatama
Sajuti Das
Majeda Sayed Lubna

We thank our honorable course teacher, Ms Kaniz Mariam Akhter, Lecturer of the Leading University, Sylhet (Business Administration Department), for allowing me to work under his supervision and for his wise and priceless suggestion, constant guidance, advice and very feasible help throughout the project work which smooth the completion of this project. .

To entire staff without whose interest and co-operation we could not have produced this study. We wish to thank them for supporting this initiative and affording us their time and sharing their experiences.

A special thank to the Grameenphone’s employee, for these guidance, insight and encouragement in the writing and compilation of this report. His invaluable support and patience throughout this journey has been unreal and is appreciated from the bottom of our heart.

Then we would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Md. Sarif Uddin Khan the Daputy Manager of HR for spending his valuable time with us and his wise and gentle behavior helped us a lot. We thank class teacher once again for giving me unlimited help in this manner.

At last once again we like to praise those persons whoever comprehends this proposal, with the name of Almighty.

Executive Summary

Human Resource (HR) management is not a new concept in Bangladesh. From the very beginning of a company of large investments, HR has turned out to be one of the vital ingredients of a company’s existence and make a mark in the market. With the passage of time HR practices has revolutionised with the modern world and incorporated it with new technologies and modern sciences. Nowadays even the small and medium companies venture to have a different HR department in order to utilize their human resources most effectively and efficiently in order to maximize their productivity.

This paper tries to look into the human resource practices of Grameenphone Ltd., a large sized company of five thousand employees. Grameenphone Ltd. is a telecommunication company with the primary focus on sales and customer development. Grameenphone Ltd. is working in whole country, a modern and futuristic residential living in...
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