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Consultancy Report
Grameenphone Customer Care Service

Research Mentored & Monitored

Research Conducted & Report Accomplished



25th August, 2009

1.1 Letter of Transmittal

25th August, 2009.

Sayed Kamrul Islam
School of Business, North South University
Basundhara, Baridhara, Dhaka.

Subject: Solicitation for Acceptance of the Report Assigned.

Dear Sir,

We show our uttermost gratitude for the opportunity of submitting our project report on “Service Marketing for Grameenphone Customer Care Service”. It was a wonderful experience for us & we have put in our maximum effort in this project.

We therefore, are placing this report to you for your kind consideration.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

1.2 Acknowledgement

This project has been possible because of the enduring contributions of numerous people without which this project would have been incomplete. We would like to thank those people who helped us a lot with this project paper.

First of all we would like to thank almighty Allah for giving us the capability and aptitude to carry out the research and prepare the report on it.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Mr. Sayed Kamrul Islam, our honorable faculty who guided us through our entire project. He has discussed with us about lots of upgraded contents & cases related to Service Marketing which played a vast role to better understand the perspectives of our report. He reviewed our project work time to time and provided extremely helpful comments and suggestions.

We would like to show our utmost gratefulness to Mr. Christopher Lovelock and Mr. Jochen Wirtz, writers of the book “Services Marketing- People, technology, Strategy” for providing us such easy examples of service marketing and interesting cases which helped us a lot to upgrade ourselves in the context of today’s service economy.

Also we are very thankful to those Grameenphone customers, who appreciated our work by filling out the survey questionnaire done for a descriptive research purpose and the managers from Marketing, Operating and Human Resource department of Grameenphone for giving us some of their precious times to conduct an in-depth interview about the subject matter.

Finally, we would also like to thank our family and friends for their mental support.

1.3 Table of Content

List- 01
1.1 Letter of Transmittal i
1.2 Acknowledgement ii
1.3 Table of Content iii

List- 02
2.1 Executive Summary 1
2.2 Introduction 2
2.2.1 Objective 2
2.2.2 Limitations 2
2.3 Company Overview 3
2.4 Methodology 7
2.4.1 Primary Data 7
2.4.2 Secondary Data 7
2.5 Data Analysis 8
2.5.1 Competitive Positioning 8
2.5.2 GAP Model 12
2.6 Recommendation 15
2.6.1 Service Redesign 15
2.6.2 Training & Compensation Scheme 16
2.6.3 Service Innovations 16
2.6.4 Service Process Improvements 19
2.7 Conclusion 21

List- 03
3.1 Reference 22
3.2 Appendix 23

2.1 Executive Summary

This is a report on internal and external communication of Grameenphone limited and its Customer Care Service, done for an academic purpose. This report contains all the necessary information regarding Grameenphone external and internal communication Process, Policy, Effectiveness and Outcome. In this report, we have tried to find out whether Grameenphone communication process in between organization and Customer Care is effective to meet its organizational goal or not, if not then what could be the potential factors in the communication process that need to be redesigned, what schemes would work better to improve the communication process and how an innovative service could make a difference in Grameenphone current position.

At first, we have analyzed Grameenphone external communication which means Customer Care Service’s external and...
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