Topics: Grafting, Apple, Plant reproduction Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Practical 2 Date of practical: 27/02/2013

Introduction/Objectives: In this practical grafting is the main topic. Two different cultivars will be grafted onto M9 rootstocks. The aim is also to become familiar with equipment used in grafting. Equipment used to make scions will be used.

Materials/Methods: The rootstocks used in this experiment are M9 rootstocks. The two different cultivars are Bramley and Jonared. A rootstock was chosen. The excess was cut off so there was about 3 inches of stem above the root zone. This edge was then placed into the right of the machine giving it a distinct shape. A branch of one of the cultivars was chosen and the excess cut off to leave a piece about 2-3 inches long containing some buds. The bottom of this was then placed into the left of the machine giving it a corresponding shape to match the rootstock. When both pieces are cut appropriately they should fit together perfectly. This means that the cambium layers and vascular bundles in both pieces of wood will connect with each other thus allowing them to merge and grow. Both pieces of wood must be slotted together ensuring the freshly cut zones are not touched as this will increase the risk of infection. When the two pieces of wood are slotted together a piece of rubber should be tied around them which will hold them together and help protect the open wounds. When secure with the piece of rubber the new piece should be dipped in wax until the part were both pieces are merging is completely covered. This will reduce the risk of infection and disease. The new plant is then planted into a pot in ordinary compost and the plant is allowed establish.

Results: The result of this experiment is a new healthy apple tree. The rootstock now dwarves the tree and inhibits vegetative growth. This promotes the growth of fruit and the tree is also smaller so it is easier to prune etc. The fruit will be of the cultivar which was grafted onto the rootstock.

Conclusions: Grafting onto...
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