Graffiti Vandalism

Topics: Graffiti, Cagayan de Oro City, Vandalism Pages: 10 (2272 words) Published: September 26, 2012

A research proposal

Presented to

Mr. Bonifacio R. Labadan

Mindanao University of Science and Technology

Cagayan de Oro City

In Partial Fulfillment of

The Requirements

Of Research 10

Submitted by:

Sheen Ruby O.Salcedo

Marcela R. Salas

Anacel C. Senagonia

March 2012

Chapter I



Look around a certain community; do you see spray-painted gates? Walls covered with irritating drawings? Spray-painted walls? Damage posters due to unnecessary markings? Cars polished with markers? Or any obscene and violent language scrawled on brick walls?

This is what you call graffiti vandalism; any unknown person damaging properties by writing, drawing, and painting, spraying or etching on it or otherwise marking on it without the full awareness of the owner (Local Government New Zealand, Beat Graffiti Guide 2006). Public buildings and facilities are the usual prey for graffiti vandals. Private properties however, are not immune to such reprehensible act. This defacement or destruction of properties says a lot about public discipline or a lack of it. Because the destruction of public and private property poses a threat to society, graffiti vandalism is a crime. It is unacceptable on every level. It looks bad, costs money and quality of life for those it affects, and often frightens people vulnerable to crime.

Graffiti is an international epidemic that costs governmental entities billions of dollars each year and has become the most common form of vandalism. Graffiti vandals know no boundaries, committing their crime wherever an opportunity presents itself (Hookstra, 2009). Graffiti is an economic and environmental crime against a community and its residents

As years, months, and days passes by, there has been an increased in the number of graffiti vandalism problem in Barangay Bugo. Graffiti vandalism damages are rampant within the locality of Barangay Bugo. It is a significant problem in this urban area. Graffiti vandalism is community problem that needs to be addressed upon. It is a sure sign of social disorder. The social and personal consequences to the victims of graffiti vandalism run deep and are far reaching. If the problem is neglected, it will reduced the perceptions of community’s safety, lowers their civic pride, a decline in property values and people within the locality perceived it as a symptom of unease. Residents living in the community of Barangay Bugo are feeling intimidated by the actions of several people in the Barangay who do the vandals.

There is a need to conduct a study in this particular problem and a need to be discussed to find out what are further reactions of the Barangay Bugo residents towards graffiti vandalism and to look forward for their knowledge on the possible reasons why some people involved in the commission of acts of vandalism, and how officials of Barangay Bugo manage to address vandalism, and to know their ways of combating vandalism and stopping it. So as, to determine their actions against vandalism, and discover all the visible damage in Barangay Bugo and gather information how can they reach the might need of residents relating to this particular problem.

Even though vandalism is a crime, a problem like this has been ignored. It is something that needs not to be tolerated. It makes the area looks uncared of. If an area looks uncared, it is assumed that this sort of destructive...
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