Graffiti in Melbourne's Laneways

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Graffiti in Melbourne’s laneways is undeniably both an eyesore and a work of art. Experts agree it’s an art, but local residents that live in areas with graffiti who dislike it understandably oppose that. On the other hand, tourists enjoy it as well and it’s one of Melbourne’s most popular cultural attractions. World renowned British street artist Banksy has been quoted as saying Melbourne's laneways are arguably Australia's most significant contribution to the arts, and are unquestionably not an eyesore. But some local residents beg to differ. It is estimated that graffiti clean-up last year cost Victorian tax payers $400 million, and should infamous alleyways, such as Hosier Lane, gain government protection, spray-painted bins and manga mega babes will enjoy higher real estate value than most homes in the area. The local residents do have a point here. No one wants their house prices to drop because of graffiti covering the otherwise semi-clean laneways. Some experts in this matter have actually supported the graffiti in Melbourne’s laneways. National Trust's cultural heritage manager Tracey Avery has stated that "graffiti is a unique part of Melbourne's urban fabric, particularly in our laneways, which attract a huge amount of visitors and contribute to the city's vibrancy". And she's right — a recent online poll conducted by Lonely Planet revealed that Melbourne's street art was voted the nation's most popular cultural attraction. Obviously, if experts believe graffiti is somewhat good, than it should not be branded an eyesore in every single laneway. Regardless of your opinion on whether it is art or an eyesore, a trip to Melbourne would be incomplete without a visit to these alleyways that are home to this controversial renaissance. Though some perceive Melbourne's graffiti scene to be occupied entirely by young local thugs, in truth, international artists of some acclaim have been drawn to the alleys off Flinders Street. Parisian artist Fafi and...
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