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The Writing is on the Wall

Art has always been a creative way of expressing one's self. Around the world there are many different types, and styles that people use to express their idea's and beliefs. Different forms of art have been criticized and even ostracized in certain countries. Graffiti is just one form of art that is questioned and often looked down upon by society's. A significant number of the population label graffiti art as vandalism, an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property."(Webster) Many people do not know the background and origin of this art and stereotype it with being associated with criminal activity. This negative label placed on graffiti has established a bad reputation, however there is a long history and passion that can be traced back. Present day graffiti has long been misunderstood, and needs to be looked at closer.

Graffiti artists like to consider the evolution of this art form starting during the Paleolithic era. Although, the ancient wall paintings were not called graffiti, they were closely related to modern graffiti in forms and art of procedure to accomplish this work of art. "All these civilizations wrote on walls using hands, sticks, and rocks. They would use symbols, pictures, and words. This type of graffiti was used for telling myths, recording history, and communicating with others."(PBS) Romans wrote on the walls of buildings they conquered, Egyptians used hieroglyphics and cave men drew illustrations on cave walls. Graffiti today, however, does not carry the same positive reputation as its ancient origins.

"The custom of writing your own name in public places and on public properties is very old. archeologist use the term “graffiti” or “Graphite” in reference to this type of application made on walls."(Answers) The first artist, just as their modern counter parts, were inscriptions and found on walls, sepulchers and ruins. "The first known graffiti advertised...
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