Graduation Speech

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Good evening and welcome to the graduation of the class of 2011. It’s my pleasure to have all you here. Hello, everyone, my name is..... I am honored to speak here at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Today we also have many special people that have been with us all the way through this journey, which we finally have conquered. I specially thank the entire staff of teachers, our guidance counselors, our principle Mr. Sciolaro, our vice principle, and all the friends and family that have come to see this celebration for helping me achieve this goal. During this journey, I have met many teachers in 6th grade through 8th grade. I am very thankful to these teachers because they have thought me many important aspects of life that will always remember. I also had met some of my elementary teachers Mrs. Rinaldi and Mrs. Salerno that helped me fit in the middle school.

I remember my first day here at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. I was so scared to see what going to happen because I was going to a totally different environment than I was in before. I also wasn’t sure what kind of people I was going to meet. I walked in, as girl who people thought was a quiet little girl that couldn’t do anything. However, today I am walking out of this school as girl who is known to be athletic and a girl who really is not quiet at all.

Now as I look back at our years here at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, we have done many things that I will always remember. In 2008, I entered this school as sixth grader where I learned that there wasn’t a big difference except it was bigger than my elementary school. Then in 7th grade, I learned how there was going to be slight change when I go to eighth grade and everything is going to change because the teachers had to prepare us for high school. Which depend on our future if do good or bad because that was going to make a big difference in our life. Finally now I stand here at my eighth grade graduation where everything is about to change....
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