Graduation Speech

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I would like to begin by congratulating the Class of 2013 Thanks to our wonderful staff and teachers that provided us with an excellent program and education. Time passed fast and this is a sight that we all have been waiting for years, I even don’t believe it, our graduation is happening! This is a moment that will always remember in our hearts, it is our first door open to a new life and most important the initial of becoming adults. These individuals that sit in front of you today have faced many obstacles that have enriched them with experience and most important prepared them for life’s challenges. While it is fun to reflect on the past, I believe that graduation should be a time where we look to the future and I honestly think that our class has a great future to look forward to. I am proud to graduate from the as the class of 2013. This wonderful school has provided us with the best facilities, sports, clubs and programs we could ask for. We have been educated formally and with righteousness. This school has prepared us to make our goals come true, we have no fear to overcome. Throughout the years we have been taught the most important values that a human should follow. We know what’s right and wrong, let God guide us and help us with our obstacles and goals. From this class we have excellent students that are going to study in great universities just like the ones from our little island, Puerto Rico, and outside in the United States. I have loved my experience throughout my years in this school. Everyone was friendly,caring,helpful,joyful and most important like a family. We have many memories that we have shared together as a class, many that we will remember for life. This is our nucleus that we grew up in, every day we were cultivating our knowledge and preparing for life. All of this to be successful in life and prosper.

Finally, I know that next year, it will be hard to part and to sail away on our respective courses. Yet in the words of...
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