Graduation Speech

Topics: Academic dress, Morality, Teacher Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: March 4, 2013
To our Barangay Captain Honorable __________, members of barangay council, P.T.A. officers, officers of parents of the graduating pupils, dear teachers, our Principal, Mrs. ___________, our dear District Supervisor , Mrs. Marylyn H. Pascua, parents, fellow graduates, guests, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant evening.

The school year 2011-2012 is about to be concluded. Mixed emotions fill our hearts and different thought linger through our minds. I feel happy and victorious for my name is printed on a paper that we refer to as diploma. We feel proud, pretty and good looking with the dress and gown we are wearing tonight. We feel excited because there are presents waiting to be unfolded back home. We feel sad because we are about to leave our second home, ________________school, that witnessed every laughter, every tear, every storm and every sunny days we’ve had for the past six or more years of our lives. I guess this night is one of the most remarkable experiences that we have encountered in our elementary days ever.

Tonight’s theme “YOUR GIFT OF LEARNING, OUR TOOL FOR NATION BUILDING,” makes me wonder more deeply. It makes me realize that we, our parents, our teachers and the community have a big responsibility in what our nation will be in the succeeding generation.

Because of you dear teachers we are now armed with proper knowledge to become progressive. You showed us how to be creative, innovative and versatile with the resources provided by our environment. You have developed our potentials and installed a good perspective in life and education.

Because of our parents, we were able to become more family oriented. We learn to give respect to both the elderly and younger members of the family. They taught us the proper values that made us disciplined and morally straight individuals.

The church teaches us moral values and words of God so that we will be guided with all our actions. It provides gospels where we can get inspirations in molding...
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