Graduation Speech

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Graduation Speech
Welcome everyone.
I will like to thank everyone for coming to join the class of 2013 at our graduation and commencement ceremony. Thanks to our family, relatives, faculty, and professors for being here on our special day. Today is the day of entering or facing the "real world" that so many of us have been talking about for four years. In some cases it may had taken more than that but that doesn’t matter, what matters now is how we are going to use it to benefit us. We are here to say our thanks and goodbyes to our memories that we had in high school. Which we will take with us in our journey that has just began. We have to face that same feeling, the fear and excitement that comes when you turn off one road in your life and onto another. Standing here I say to myself I have accomplished one of my goals so far, but still have a long way to go. I will keep reaching and accomplishing my goals because I have inspiration, which I thank my parents and family for giving me and also believing in me. I thank them for constantly reminding me of how important education is and how I will benefit from in the future. Also thanks to all of my teachers for teaching me, I hope one day I will actually use 4x+3y=10x. Education is the key to success which I plan to be in the future, a successful woman.
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