Graduation Project - Recruitment Healthcare Abu Dhabi

Topics: Recruitment, Human resource management, Health care Pages: 46 (11418 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Ajman University of Science & Technology
College of Business Administration

Graduation Project

An Exploratory Study on “Benchmarking Recruitment Practices” and its effect on overall performance of Healthcare Providers in Abu Dhabi, (UAE)

Zain Alkassir
Khaled Kherallah
Muhamed Fathiallah

Supervised By: Dr. Wise Mainga
Table of Contents
Figure 1 – Abu Dhabi HealthCare Providers5
Figure 2 - Theoritical Framework9
Figure 3 - Recruitment Process15
Figure 4 – Internal VS External Recruitment 21
Figure 5 - Average Performance over Average Alignment35
Figure 6 – Healthcare provider productivity Per Candidate 35 CHAPTER ONE – INTRODUCTION5
1.1 Introduction5
1.2 Profile of Healthcare providers - Abu Dhabi5
1.3 Statement Of problem5
1.4 Research Questions6
1.5 Research Objectives6
1.6 Hypothesis7
1.7 Significance of the Study7
1.8 Scope of Study8
1.9 Limitation of the Study8
1.9 Organization of the Study8
2.1 Introduction9
2.1 Theoretical Framework9
2.2 Benchmarking10
2.3 Best Practices in Benchmarking10
2.4 Bench-Marking Purpose12
2.5 Importance of Benchmarking Recruitment Practices – Healthcare12
2.5 Recruitment & Selection13
2.6 Recruitment Process & Practices14
2.6.1 STAGE 1: Recruitment Planning14
2.6.2 STAGE 2: Strategy Development14
2.6.3 STAGE 3: Searching15
2.6.4 STEP 4: Screening15
2.6.5 STAGE 5: Evaluation & Control15
2.7 Types & Sources of recruitment17
2.7.1 Internal Recruiting17
2.7.2 External Recruiting18
2.7.3 Internal Resources19
2.7.4 External Resources19
2.11 Recruitment Standards by the JCI & WHO22
2.12 Overall organizational performance24
Chapter 3 – Research Methodology25
3.1 Introduction25
3.2 Nature of study25
3.3 Research Design25
3.4 Data Collection Techniques26
3.4.1 Primary Data26
3.4.2 Secondary Data26
3.5 Questionnaire Development26
Section 1: Recruitment Process & Staffing26
Section 2: Employer Profile27
Section 3: Metrics27
Section 4: Best Practices27
Benchmarking Partners28
4.1 Introduction29
4.2 Key Findings29
4.2.1 Recruitment Metrics30
4.2.2 Recruitment to Performance Benchmarks32
4.3 Statistical Analysis35
4.4 Hypothesis Analysis38
4.4.1 Hypothesis One38
4.4.2 Hypothesis Two38
4.4.3. Hypothesis Three38
4.4.4 Hypothesis Four38
5.1 Introduction39
5.2 Conclusion39
5.3 Recommendation40

Appendix A – Research Questionnaire43
Appendix B – Sample Answered Questionnaire44


This project is an exploratory research where a personal interview is conducted with the HR recruiter of respective selected healthcare providers in the UAE, Abu Dhabi. The healthcare providers which were chosen as a part of the project are Al Noor Hospital, Al Mazroui Hospital, Al Rahba Hospital, Lifeline Hospita, SKMC & Al Tawam Hospital. The recruiters were asked many questions giving special attention in the recruitment practices, sources of applicant pool, level of screening, background verification, consultants, online method of application etc. After conducting the interview and analyzing the findings we can conclude that the major steps and procedure of benchmarking recruitment practices are similar in all the healthcare providers. Providers like Al Tawam hospital divided HR recruitment teams based on circles, regions and level of vacancy using ERP such as i-Rec, Talent Scout, Telco etc. which makes the method of applying and recruiting more transparent and easy to handle while most providers outsourced activities RPOs (consultants). The entire research project is a great attempt to have an insight into the current practices in the recruitment process. The research is also supported by the secondary...
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