Graduation Day

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My Graduation Day

When I am asked to think back on any special occasion that stuck in my mind and I remember it all the time. The first thing that gets into my mind is my high school graduation party. It was unforgettable night, it may coast us a lot of money, but it was satisfied for many other reasons. It was in Jeddah Continual the customary auditorium, in the second of February. We laughed a lot but we cried the most. After twelve year, many of us waited eagerly for this moment to be honoring and wait for their turn to go onto the stage to receive their souvenirs.

When it was our turn to turn up on the stage me and my class, we were all very happy. My friend was the class monitor she insists all the teachers to make sure the souvenirs were giving to the correct pupil. I was the last one who received the souvenir from my teacher, Miss Rehab. Class monitors were to present a bouquet from the class to their teachers. My friend specify me to held it up for her. I hold the bouquet with both my hands and transferred to her. We shook our hands and hugged slightly. I was quite shy at that time because I literally have always admired her. After that, the class arranged themselves to turn up on the stage and shouted “we love you Miss Rehab”, before everyone went back to their seats, I wasn’t aware that our class would do something like this because other classes did not do this to their teachers. It was awkward for a second but I was glad that we were special
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