Graduating High School

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Graduating High School
The most important day of my life was the day I graduated high school. First it was a proud Moment for my family my mother, father and my brother were very proud of me, on the other hand My grandparents never thought I would ever make it to graduation day. So I had to prove them wrong It was a great deal to me to make sure they knew that I wanted to graduate from high school. One of my Surprises for graduation was my brother David being there to watch me graduate because he was in the Marines, and he was not supposed to be home for my graduation, so for David being there made me Feel even more proud to graduate from high school. Yet saying goodbye was a hard thing to do my Friends were going on to college or into the service, my teammates from the basketball team it will Be very hard to say goodbye to them because being on the same team as them as them for four years You gain really good friends and also some awesome teammates. I am going to miss the sports Because I played sports for the four years I attended Cumberland High School. Finally we got to the Ceremony for getting our diplomas after listening to the honors society speak and give their speeches, Then it came to the principal and the school advisors of our class to hand out the diplomas. In Conclusion I can say I am a proud Cumberland High School class of 2001 high school graduate.
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