Graduate School Evaluation Assignment

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Evaluate 3-4 Graduate Programs

1. University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy (CU)
a. Accreditation Status: Fully Accredited by ACPE (Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education) which is overseen by the APhA, AACP, NABP, and ACE. b. Public
c. Admission Standards
i. Complete all pre-pharmacy coursework (I have these planned out for myself on a spreadsheet) ii. GPA: Minimum 2.75; Average 3.2
iii. PCAT: Minimum 50th Percentile; Average 76th Percentile iv. 3 Letters of Recommendation: academic, pharmacist, or work-related. v. On-site interview
vi. Personal Statement
vii. Background Check
d. Career Assistance
viii. Internships and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) are made available. Rotations in many pharmacy areas are required. e. Cost/Financial Aid
ix. Yearly Tuition & Fees: Approximately $25,000 (4 year program) x. Financial Aid is available and forms should be filled out at the same time admissions application is completed. 1. Federal Direct Stafford Loans

2. Federal Directs Graduate PLUS Loans
3. Federal Perkins Loan
4. Institutional Loans
5. Residency Relocation Loans
xi. Awards and Scholarships are available.
6. CU School of Pharmacy provides some scholarships 7. Private Scholarships
f. Culture
xii. Students and faculty are committed to donating their time to the community. Over 6,000 hours per year are donated and provide over 13,000 patients with care. Pharmacy students and faculty work at the Stout Street for the Homeless and fill over 125,000 prescriptions per year. g. Degrees Offered

xiii. 4 year PharmD program for pharmacists
xiv. Research-oriented PhD program
xv. Residencies are offered after graduation at the UC Health Center and accredited by the ASHP 8. 4 spots are available for PGY1 (year 1), with 320 applicants for these spots 9. PGY2 (year 2) Residencies include Critical Care, Ambulatory Care, Infectious Diseases, and Oncology xvi. With my interest in both neuroscience and oncology, the 2 fellowships they offer in these areas would be an amazing opportunity h. Faculty

xvii. Over 50 part- and full-time faculty and preceptors teach on campus. I have looked into some of their research and am interested in a few specific teachers. i. Location
xviii. I-225 and Colfax Ave. in East Denver on the Anschutz Medical Campus. “Located on the nation’s newest healthcare campus and fosters a collaboration between students, researchers, and clinicians.” j. Multicultural Opportunities

xix. Cultural diversity is valued and promoted at Skaggs School of Pharmacy. They work with many elementary schools is less privileged areas. In collaboration with SNPhA, they provide services to programs such as GLBT and HIV Patient organizations. k. Physical Facilities

xx. The campus has three zones; campus, research, and clinical. I have visited the facilities and they are brand new and cutting edge. l. Reputation/Ranking
xxi. CU Skaggs is ranked #24 on US News. It’s a very respected and recognized school. m. Research/Academic Focus
xxii. Although the academic focus is the main program you choose, you can explore experiential and research opportunities. Faculty at the school are willing to work with students on research as well. Internships are widely available n. Resources for Research/Libraries/Study

xxiii. Their library is amazing, complete with huge private study rooms all over campus. Wi-fi and outlets are available everywhere. There are several research labs on campus. o. Size of Program/University

xxiv. The University is huge, with nursing, medical, pharmacy, and many other...
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