Graduate Piano Recital at Indiana University Auer Concert Hall

Topics: Music, Piano, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Piano Graduate Recital
Auer Concert Hall
November Fifth
Eight O’Clock
Performer: Justin Bartlett
Yerin Kim
Concerto in D Minor, K.466
--Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

I attended a Graduate Piano Recital at Indiana University Auer Concert Hall, which was performed by Justin Bartlett and co-play with Yerin Kim. I enjoyed listening to this beautiful piano music and it also impressed me a lot by watching these performers use their energy to play. The Concerto in D Minor is a master work from Mozart and it has three movements during the whole piece. Mozart is a talented musician and his Piano Concerto in D minor K 466 is known as one of his most romantic works. Everything has a story, no exception to this concerto, the D Minor has a special meaning in old classics which is its dramatic sense that we won’t always meet in major sound. This could explain why some parts of the music sound powerful. Before the music began I found out one interesting thing which was two piano showed on stage and two players work together. This is my first time watching two piano performers play together which was very excited. The first movement is Allegro, with the starting of the melody I felt like that this is a hard part, one reason is the tempo is allegro so it’s not easy to correct if mistakes were made; the other reason is the dynamic changed a lot, it turned fast from soft to strong; and the last reason is the cooperation which made the performance harder because the tempo is fast once the performer is distracted it will destroy the whole piece and the catch up also needs players really focused. By the way, the first movement seemed longer and faster than others it might because it has rarely repeated parts, and has medium strong rhythmic effect. Two people play together gave a lot impression to the audience and improve the effects in deed. The second movement is more like song-like melody. The tempo is change between slow and medium fast, and the dynamic...
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