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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Early Graduation

There is always that person that is more mature and advanced than their peers at any level. All people have different drives as well as ways of thinking. High school kids are no different; in fact the high school environment is a great location to view these differences between our young men and women. While many students take there high school learning opportunity differently, all students should have to go the recommended four year plan instead of opting out for a quick two year diploma which will leave them unprepared for life. Students take a lot out of their high school experiences, ranging from the chemistry experiments to after school activities such as high school rodeo or Friday night football games. According to Jayson “You have to look at the whole four-year experience, of the National Association of Secondary School Principals” Young men and women that choose to load themselves down assignment wise for a two year graduation tend to miss out on other valuable learning experiences. For example, if you’re constantly doing work, work, work, you miss out on things like communicating well with peers, the teamwork learned that goes with sports or any after school program. There is so much more to learn throughout high school that can be learned by opting out with a quick two year degree. Another thing four year students get out of high school that a two year student might not get is elective classes. While it’s unanimously agreed the core subjects are more vital than electives such as forestry, auto shop, etc. these are still places for valuable lessons and problem solving skills as well. According to The Practitioner “adjustments to post high school life can be difficult.” Four year students will be more prepared for the real world having taken some information from their high school experience that two year degree programs won’t have the opportunity to learn from. High school students who chose to graduate in two...
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