Grading System

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Chapter II
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Today’s schools are pressured in many ways. Not only do they need to maintain student achievement but they are also required to improve it. Many factors have been identified that can affect student success. It will also explore the ways in which technology, in the form of a computerized grading system, can affect the communication process between administrators and teacher and teacher. Finally, it will study the impact that a computerized grading system can have on the education process.

            Computerized grading systems have the potential to improve evaluating and recording of grades. A well designed computerized grading system can provide a wealth of information for the student and their parents at everyone’s fingertips.    Another benefit to using a school website is cost. Websites can be posted with minimum cost and they reduce paperwork and speed processes. Many private companies, such as SchoolFusion, offer cost effective school communication solutions that can be created and maintained easily by existing school staff. According to the SchoolFusion Calendar enables the school to share important events with the community through its Web site. This calendar is updateable by nontechnical school staff and is easy for community member to use-many of who have little or no technical knowledge. SchoolFusion Classroom, which are also incorporated into the school’s Web site encourages parental involvement and improves parent-teacher communication. Implementing this solution solves the communication issues expressed by parents, enabling them to access their children’s assignment, testing schedules and grades via the Internet. Since implementing the system, many parents have been able to take a more active role in their child’s education and in school events.

            Another benefit to using the web for improved communication is that information can be accessed at any time. This...
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