Grades Better Than Marks

Topics: Learning, Grade, Education Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In this universe there is always a negative and a positive side to everything. Similarly to this topic there is a positive and a negative side. First let us get the overall idea about grades. Grades in the realm of education are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension within a subject area .The New Scheme of Grading has been introduced with the aim that it will minimize misclassification of students on the basis of marks. It will eliminate unhealthy competition among high achievers. It will reduce pressure and will provide the learner with more flexibility. It will lead to a focus on a better learning environment Operational It will facilitate joyful and stress free learning. In grading system “My friends who have got 71 or 79 marks will be awarded the same grade.” In grading system every student has to work really hard and now teachers has also right for giving the grades according to student’s punctuality on work .I think it’s quite a good system because it tests students frequently to see if they are learning the required syllabus. Also I believe grading system is better because it gives the chance to average student also to score good marks and it attracts their interest also towards their school curriculum. Furthermore awarding of grades has number of advantages over awarding of numerical marks as it considerably reduces inter and intra examiner variability in marking. Statistical research in assessment techniques indicates that there is a rise in individual intellect of students to the extent of 5% to 15% after the enforcement of grading system. This system puts students of similar potential in same ability bands. Lastly, it will reduce undesired and unsound comparison of small difference of marks. But again the same line “My friends who have got 71 or 79 marks will be awarded the same grade.” is said to be not justified by some as, they think that a person who has got 8% less is should not be treated and...
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