Graded Unit Plan Hnd Music Performance

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Graded Unit Plan

Interpretation Of The Brief

The graded unit is a piece of work that will showcase my skills that I have attained whilst studying the HND course and it will present my knowledge of the music business to the best of my ability. With this piece of work, it should open a lot of doors as a future employee to the music industry.

The graded unit project consists of a project and an interview that will take place with someone, whether that is an employer or someone who has had a consistent role in the area that you are presenting about. The whole project itself must contain areas of all of the course modules and how it has helped me construct this piece of work.

By the end of the year I should have a detailed portfolio that shows that I can present that I have learned the required and necessary aspects of the core units throughout the year and be in a strong position to accept any work within the music industry.

The examination of the project is not completely relying my practical aspect of the graded unit, for example in the HNC graded unit. It was key for me that there was visible evidence shown to provide backup to my overall mark. However in the HND graded unit, I am provided with an assignment brief and it is up to me what position of the music industry I will be "applying" to and then present to a panel on why I should get the desired job that I have chosen. I must also show off my business skills throughout my research with a log book, my preparation and how I evaluate all of the specific information to the panel so I can be graded on my specific job role.

Throughout the graded unit I will have an ability to analyse and digest knowledge and present my skills throughout the whole of the graded unit, by highlighting all of the key elements of the HND course.

During the process of the graded unit I will have developed a stronger approach to my study and this will keep my organisational skills to a high level and during the process of composing the graded unit, my research skills will go from strength to strength. 

Throughout the graded unit, my musical knowledge will soar to a new level and I will have a better understanding and I will appreciate music a lot more from analysing music and getting a better knowledge of music. Also I will be able to develop my performing aspect of the course and have more of a professional approach to performing; I will also have gained other aspects of music that I will never have touched on such as areas like the composition aspect of the course. This will give me an insight to what it would be like to actually compose a piece of music, rather than what I normally approach when making music.

During the process of composing the graded unit, I will be able to look back on my own work and criticise and be  judgemental on what I can change and what can improve on in the graded unit as an overall and this will help me in later study and later life when being given a big chunk of work like the graded unit. By reflecting on my work it will give me the confidence to submit a piece of work that I am very pleased with and able to have no doubts about the work that I am presenting.

Whilst doing the graded unit, I will be able to apply the skills that I have attained through study and from my performing aspect of my course in to the graded unit. This will further my knowledge and it will give me a better idea of what will need to provided when finalizing the graded unit project.

Whilst composing the graded unit. I will be studying the job role as a performer. During the process of me studying these areas, the graded unit will open my eyes to different styles of music which I can apply to my playing and this will develop me as a player and an overall musician. This will help me immerse myself in the desired styles and get a feel for what the music is about and by doing the graded unit; it will help me appreciate music more. By approaching different styles, it...
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