Graded Response Critique of a Marriage Proposal

Topics: Full-time, Marriage, Family Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: October 22, 2009
Response-Critique of Alix Kates Shulman’s “A Marriage Proposal” [ww—watch for this elsewhere, too]
Shulman is best known for the novel “Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen” and most recently, Shulman has written the award-winning memoir, “Drinking the Rain”. She is an American writer of fiction, memoirs, and essays, as well as being an early radical feminist activist. She was one of the planners of the first national demonstration of WLM and she has written two books on anarchist-feminist and three children’s books. Upon researching this piece of writing I have found that there is a lot of controversy concerning the roles of men and women that have been set in place for centuries. In her methods of change, Shulman seeks to find peace in her newly chaotic life in the document,”A Marriage Proposal”, in which she provides valid arguments against the typical family household. [The intro should give more information about the specific article you’re discussing, and it should give an overview of your opinion regarding “A Marriage Agreement”. The thesis needs to sum up your overall opinion of the article/agreement.]

In the first portion of the article she describes her life with her husband before starting a family, then moves on to tell us [avoid “you,” “us,” “we,” etc.] about the burdens of being a full time homemaker. She describes the stereo typical life in that time period where the husband often worked late and spent little time at home, while she was at home taking care of every day chores as well as the taking care of the children. When her children had become older, she stated that she was, “restricted to the company of demanding preschoolers and to the four walls of an apartment”. As well as feeling the pain of raising two small children, she discusses the physical work of day to day housework and the scheduling conflicts. It was not until she “had been with the children for six years” that she “began to attend meetings of the newly formed Women’s...
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