Grade Viewing and Encoding System

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Grade Viewing and Encoding System

This system aims to lighten up the work of viewing and encoding grades both for students and faculty of an institution, particularly Emilio Aguinaldo College. The system accepts three types of users namely, an administrator, a student and a faculty member. The administrator controls almost all information in the system, such as managing the accounts, managing the curriculum, and encoding the grades of the students. For the faculty member, he/she can only manage the curriculum and encode the grades of the students. Lastly, for the students, the only thing he/she can do is view his/her grades. In the following parts of this paper, the process of how the system works shall be further explained.

1. Login Prompt / Register

The system asks the user to enter his/her username and password. If the administrator or faculty logs in, the Student Search Form appears. If the student logs in, the Grade Viewing Form appears. If the user doesn’t have an account yet, he/she can register by clicking the register button. After having registered, the user cannot have access with his account until the administrator confirms him/her as a student or faculty.

2. Student Search

If the user who logs in the system is the administrator or the faculty, the Student Search Form appears. Here, the administrator or the faculty will search for the Student by either the Last Name or the ID Number. After the name appears in the list box, the administrator/faculty selects the student name. The Grade Viewing/Encoding Form then appears.

If the administrator logs in the system, it will prompt the administrator if there is a pending account that needs to be confirmed. It will ask the administrator if he/she wants to manage and confirm the accounts now. If the administrator chooses yes, the Manage Accounts Form appears, else, if he chooses no, the Student Search Form appears.

3. Grade Viewing/Encoding Form

In the Grade Viewing / Encoding...
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