Grade Inflation

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  • Published : October 18, 2007
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Effects of Grade Inflation

Grade inflation has and continues to effect the nation. Year after year we see many students graduating with high grades but few with average grades. Our group of high achieving students has suddenly disappeared. In this day and age the key to success is a proper education. At least that is what we have been taught since we started first grade. Why is there a dramatic change in our country's average GPA? Making students believe that they have earned an A when in fact they deserved a +C doesn't help them. It only makes it worst. Students are loosing educational value due to grade inflation, and we can no longer differentiate the "great" from the "average".

High school students are the ones that are being hurt the most. Most of the college students I know (including myself) had to take at least one remedial course so they can be prepared for regular accredited classes. And some of these students had above average GPAs. This is proof that most high school students aren't ready for college. Teachers are ignoring the fact that they are actually hurting instead of rewarding. Some students don't even make it to college which means their stuck with a horrible education for the rest of their lives.

A regular class has some A, a lot of B and C, and few D and F. When we see a class that the highest grade is a -C it means the professor is being strict on the students and it is practically impossible to get an A in that course. Same thing happens if you see a class with too many A and barely no C. The professor is not being hard on the students. This does not help the student in any way. Students need teachers that are strict with...
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