Grade Boundaries

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Grade Boundaries International GCSE
January 2013

Understanding International GCSE grade boundaries
This document shows the grade boundaries for our suite of International GCSE qualifications. For each set of grade boundaries, the maximum number of available marks is also shown. International GCSEs are linear qualifications and only the maximum mark and grade boundaries for the overall qualification are available. These are given in raw marks. Definition of terms A grade boundary is the minimum mark at which a letter grade can be achieved. For example, if the grade boundary for a B is 60 marks, then 60 is the minimum mark at which a B can be achieved. A mark of 59 would therefore be a C grade. For modular qualifications, assessments can be taken in various exam sessions throughout the duration of the course. For linear qualifications, all assessments must be taken in the same exam session. A raw mark is the actual mark awarded by the teacher or examiner for an assessment. Raw mark scores can be downloaded by Exams Officers from Edexcel Online. You can find out more about marks at

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Accounting Overall grade boundaries 4AC0 Accounting Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 91

a A 83

b B 70

c C 58

d D 52

e E 46

f F 40

g G 34

u U 0

Arabic (First Language) Overall grade boundaries 4AR0 Arabic Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 75

a A 70

b B 65

c C 60

d D 46

e E 32

f F 18

g G 4

u U 0

Bengali Overall grade boundaries 4BE0 Bengali Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 83

a A 74

b B 65

c C 57

d D 49

e E 41

f F 33

g G 25

u U 0

Biology Overall grade boundaries 4BI0 Biology Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 180 140

a A 122

b B 104

c C 87

d D 74

e E 61

f F 48

g G 35

u U 0

Chemistry Overall grade boundaries 4CH0 Chemistry Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 180 142

a A 122

b B 102

c C 83

d D 72

e E 62

f F 52

g G 42

u U 0

Commerce Overall grade boundaries 4CM0 Commerce Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 73

a A 62

b B 51

c C 41

d D 34

e E 27

f F 20

g G 13

u U 0

English Language A Overall grade boundaries 4EA0 4EA0 English Language A: Route 1 - Exam only (Papers 1 and 2) English Language A: Route 2 - With transferred coursework (Papers 1 3T and 4T) Raw Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 100 73 79

a A 64 69

b B 55 59

c C 47 50

d D 40 41

e E 33 33

f F 27 25

g G 21 17

u U 0 0

English Language B Overall grade boundaries 4EB0 English Language B Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 100 77

a A 72

b B 67

c C 62

d D 51

e E 40

f F 30

g G 20

u U 0

Economics Overall grade boundaries 4EB0 Economics Raw

Max Mark a* Max Mark A* 120 93

a A 83

b B 73

c C 63

d D 56

e E 50

f F 44

g G 38

u U 0

English Literature Overall grade boundaries 4ET0 4ET0 English Language A: Route 1 - Exam only (Papers 1 and 2) English Language A: Route 2 - With transferred...
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