Grade 7 Mathematics: Lesson Plans

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Gauteng Primary Languages Mathematics Strategy GPLMS

Grades 7 Mathematics Lesson Plans January – December 2013

Gauteng Primary Languages and Mathematics Strategy Grade 7 Lesson Plans TOR - October 2012

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1. Title
The Grade 7 Mathematics Lesson Plans are to be developed for the structured use of the learning and teaching materials in GPLMS classrooms. The CAPS aligned Lesson Plans should link the DBE Workbooks and the Supplementary Learner Materials.

2. Context and Background
The GPLMS uses Lesson Plans and Coaches to strengthen Language and Mathematics teaching and learning in 832 Gauteng Primary schools. Lesson Plans formed the only teacher support material in 2012. In 2013, the lesson plans will be provided to the GPLMS schools in conjunction with approved learner and teaching support materials.

In the first year of the GPLMS, structured CAPS aligned lesson plans were provided to the teachers in Grade 1-6 and the teachers in Grade 7 were provided with files with NCS aligned Lesson Plans. In 2013, for purposes of continuity, the plan is to extend the format of the Grade 4 - 6 CAPS aligned Lesson Plans to Grade 7. The GPLMS has secured funding for grade level Supplementary Learner Materials and DBE Workbooks to be provided to each learner in GPLMS Grade 7 classrooms. Lesson Plans for 2013 will provide a structured framework to enable teachers to work through the required content within the year.

3. Objectives
The following objectives are to be realised by the service provider: 1. The service provider will work closely with the GPLMS Mathematics Materials Manager in the development of the Grade 7 Lesson Plans. 2. The GPLMS team will agree on the Lesson Plan structure and layout and the agreed format that will be used by the service provider. 3. To develop Grade 7 brief but clear lesson plans (per term) which will guide the teacher in the effective use of the Grade level Supplementary...
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