Grade 11 Biology Questions

Topics: Bacteria, Blood, DNA Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Unit 1 Diversity
1. List the 6 kingdoms for classifying living things.
2. List the levels of organisation from kingdom to species.
3. What is binomial nomenclature?
4. Who is Carl Linnaeus?
5. What is a dichotomous key?
6. Draw and label the lifecycle of a DNA virus.
7. Distinguish between DNA and RNA viruses.
8. Compare eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells.
9. Define coccus, bacillus, streptococcus, and spirillum?
10. What are 3 examples of helpful bacteria?
11. What do bacteria need to grow and reproduce?
12. How do we inhibit growth of bacteria?
13. How do bacteria reproduce (sexual and asexual)?
14. Protists move in a variety of ways – explain 3.
15. How do protists get their energy?
16. How do protists reproduce?
17. Describe 3 different fungi and how they are a useful kingdom. 18. Define mycelium and hypha.

Unit 2 Plants
19. Name the tissue through which water is transported in a plant. How does it move against the force of gravity? 20. What does it mean when we describe the Source to Sink flow of sugar in a plant? 21. Differentiate between monocot stems and dicot stems. Ditto for the roots and leaves. 22. What is the function of guard cells? How do they work? 23. What are 3 functions of a root?

24. How are seeds dispersed?
25. What’s in a seed?

Unit 3 Genetics
26. Why do cells divide?
27. Define chromosome, chromatin, sister chromatids, homologous chromosomes. 28. Describe the structure and function of DNA.
29. Differentiate between mitosis and meiosis. Make a chart and draw pictures! 30. Define karyotype, nondisjunction, synapsis (tetrad), mutation, random assortment? 31. Define phenotype/genotype, homozygous/heterozygous, allele/gene, hybrid/pure bred, dominant/recessive. 32. Do the genetics problems AGAIN! ( incomplete, dominance, multiple alleles, co-dominance, sex linked) 33. What is a pedigree, gene therapy, a test cross, inbreeding?

Unit 4 Systems
34. Summarize the 6 nutrients.
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