Grade 10 History Notes

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History Exam Review

Unit One: World War One
Term| Definition| Significance|
The Treaty of Versailles| * The treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919. * Was signed by Britain, France, Italy and Germany. * The terms essentially blamed Germany for the war * Canada earned more independence| * Germany lost Resources, land, population, and income. * This led to the rise of Hitler, and led to world war two.| The Battle of Vimy Ridge| * This was a battle fought in 1917. The Canadians had to take over the ridge which was located on the Douai plain, in France, and was in control by the Germans * To take over the ride it was split into 5 parts| * This was the high point of Canadian military * The use of “creeping barrage” allowed the ridge to be taken over quickly * The battle was short * Years later they made a memorial to commemorate the 11,000+ soldiers who died at Vimy ridge.| The Halifax Explosion| * This took place when two ships that had explosive materials aboard, they collided while pulling out of the port * This explosion ruined about 1.6 km of land mass| * Left many Canadians dead or blind * Damaged the economy * Later months when the war ended, the port was not ready to take ships which was also a factor that delayed the soldiers from returning| Life in the Trenches| * Horrible, the trenches were filled with rats and lice * Soldiers were always cold, soaking wet, and hungry * Trenches were uneven and intricate| * Soldiers were really messed up by the life in the trenches. * The content gunfire caused soldiers to develop a mental illness known as “shell shock” * They could develop trench foot which was the rotting and swelling of flesh| Women and World War One| * Men that left for the war, left families and jobs behind * Women took the jobs of the men because they needed to provide for a family * Other women were war nurses| * Without the women urging the war years, the factory industry would have died. * Sparked the feminist movement * Women thrived in fields such as journalism, social work and nutrition| * A short term cause of world war one included Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s trip to Sarajevo * Britain, France, Canada and Russia were all members of the triple entente * Contributing factors to the failure of the schlieffen plan are Russia mobilized more swiftly than expected, the British sent their army to France to defend the channel ports, the Belgian forces put up much strong resistance than expected, and the French were able to gather reinforcements in the time to prevent Paris from falling * In 1914, many people felt that the great war would all be over by Christmas * Both sides on the western front built trenches to protect themselves from attack, to prepare for counterattack, to provide safe communications for supply lines, and to prevent being outmanoeuvred by the enemy * Most Canadians were happy to be involved with WW1 because many Canadians had been born in Britain or were British descent * Dreadnoughts was not a technological advance that caused horrific causalities * The only important naval battle of world war one was the battle of Jutland * Lord Kitchener was an important British general

* Income tax was introduced by prime minister burdens government as a temporary measure to help pay for the huge costs of war * The Zimmerman telegram, the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915,and German unrestricted submarine warfare were all reasons for the USA joining the war in 1917 * Mata Hari was a double agent in WW1 for Germany and French * The Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919

* One of the clauses of the treaty of Versailles mention reparations which was a means of payment for land destruction * A positive outcome of the technology developed during the great war was the use of gas to kill unwanted predatory animals * Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and irag...
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