Grace or Nature

Topics: Deception, English-language films, Amazing Grace Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Grace or Nature

There are two way to live in life, the way of grace, and the way of nature. And, each of us has to choose which one we will follow.

The movements of nature and of grace, for they move in very contrary and subtle ways, and can scarcely be distinguished by anyone except a man who is spiritual and inwardly enlightened. All men, indeed, desire what is good, and strive for what is good in their words and deeds. For this reason the appearance of good deceives many.

Nature is crafty and attracts many, ensnaring and deceiving them while ever seeking itself. Nature is not willing to die, or to be kept down, or to be overcome. Nor will it subdue itself or be made subject. Nature works for its own interest and looks to the profit it can reap from another. Nature likes to receive honor and reverence. Nature seeks to possess what is rare and beautiful, abhor things that are cheap and coarse. Nature has regard for temporal wealth and rejoices in earthly gains. It is sad over a loss and irritated by a slight, injurious word. Nature is inclined toward creatures, toward its own flesh, toward vanities, and toward running about. Nature likes to have some external comfort in which it can take sensual delight. Nature does everything for its own gain and interest. It can do nothing without pay and hopes for its good deeds to receive their equal or better, or else praise and favor. It is very desirous of having its deeds and gifts highly regarded. Nature rejoices in many friends and kinsfolk, glories in noble position and birth, fawns on the powerful, flatters the rich, and applauds those who are like itself. Nature is quick to complain of need and trouble. Nature turns all things back to self. It fights and argues for self. Nature only wants to please itself and others to please it too. It likes to lord it over them to have its own way. It finds reasons to be unhappy while all the world is shining around it.

Grace does not try to please itself. It accepts...
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