Gps Systems.

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The Fundamentals of the Global Positioning System


The Global Positioning System or the GPS is known for making its users reach their destination accurately without the use of paper maps. The GPS system makes the lives of their users a lot easier because of this, not to mention that this system is also user friendly. A lot of our new technology and devices these days are meant to make our lives easier and allow its users to become more productive and efficient, but are these devices as easy to make, as they are easy to use?

According to Raju: “The NAVSTAR GPS (Navigation System with Time and Raging Global Positioning System) is a satellite based radio navigation system providing precise three-dimensional position, course and time information to suitably equipped user. GPS has been under development in the USA since 1973. The US department of Defense as a worldwide navigation and position resource for military as well as civilian use for 24 hours and all weather conditions primarily developed it.” (Fundamentals of GPS, 2003, p. 122). Throughout the ages, this NAVSTAR GPS Network has slowly evolved and adapted newer and better terrestrial system, which is called the DR System. (Goodwin, 2010) This system serves as the vehicle’s odometer and is currently used as a selection from accelerometers, compasses, and gyros to acquire these materials. (Goodwin, 2010)

Buyers should use GPS Systems in their cars because of the different features that it gives its users that will make their travel easier, how feasible it is for them to update and acquire different routes for their travel while owning a sturdy, user friendly and capable unit.


The GPS System is one of the current technologies that have been craved for by drivers worldwide. These units allow driver easy access to different routes without having to look at a paper map, gives different features that allow the user efficient traveling experience and many more different features that will truly allow the drivers senses to be heightened with the use of this unit.

These devices truly help our community in ways that we would have never deemed possible in this century, but are these devices easy and fast to make, as they are fast and easy to use? Goodwin (2010) talks about how a lot of different networks and connections are established just to make the gps systems acquire these routes to show us while the users are driving are controlling their ships or vehicles. He states that the entire gps system consists of at least 30 satellites revolving around the Earth and an assemblage of different ground stations around the world that oversee the satellites’ position in space and operational status. He also informs us about how the unit is equipped with an accurate and precise latitude, longitude and other relocation data, this GPS receiver can send different information onto the various map files saved on the memory card of the users GPS unit, showing the user their current position on the screen, as well as where the user has been on the map.

Antuan Goodwin, the CNET editor, gives us clear instructions on how a GPS System actually works or how the system comes up with the data it presents the user. Goodwin says, “The first time you fire up your GPS, it collects certain satellite information to determine your whereabouts. Known as a cold start, the receiver is essentially blank and needs to know what time it is, where the satellites are in their orbital patterns, and where it is in relation to the satellites. Most systems take around 1 to 2 minutes to acquire a three-dimensional fix during a cold start, whereas some can take a few minutes. Thereafter, it can take as little as 3 to 4 seconds to lock in the user since the unit already has your coordinates and a general location of the satellite in use.” (2010) Furthermore, Goodwin states that any GPS unit will be available for any car depending on the position of the vehicle’s antenna. If the...
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