Gprs and 3g

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In this research paper entitled "GPRS and 3G Mobile Communications", we look into the evolution of Mobile Communications over the years and the direction they may take in coming years. Taking into consideration the popularity of GPRS and 3G technology in today’s mobile communications spectrum, it is essential that we look deep into the mechanism that makes these services tick. We discuss in detail mobile services and technologies that have revolutionized the Mobile Communications world like GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) and the 3G services like UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and W-CDMA(Wideband Code Division Multiple Access).

The key element that differentiates all the technologies from one another is their data rate. Data rates become higher as the technology evolves and this constitutes the popularity and success of the service. Without going deep into the atomic components of the mobile communications system, this paper aims to present the path mobile communications has taken and will take in the future. The primary focus is on GPRS and 3G, two of the most widely used and popular standards. The paper covers, with the help of graphical representation and text content, the impact of these two standards in the world of Mobile Communications.


Wireless Mobile communications has emerged as the most popular and convenient form of communications in the past decade. Mobile networks are increasingly being used to connect to the internet and the demand for faster technologies has never been more. Over the years, mobile technologies have evolved rapidly to provide users with their demands and equip them with advanced tools and provide stronger connectivity.

Among all the technologies of today .GPRS remains a popular service and later, with the emergence of 3G, users have been provided with strong and convenient mobile connectivity with enhanced features.

To understand exactly how the evolution came about, we need to look into the technologies, data rates of the initial services, compare them to the data rates of today and understand how the services have been implemented to the real world.

Though, the paper focuses primarily on the scope of GPRS and 3G,we also discuss what the future holds for 3G and what exactly it is that makes GPRS tick years after it’s inception.

The Evolution of Mobile Communications

The concept of "Wireless" was a breakthrough in Mobile Technologies. This was termed as 0G. In 0G, there were only a limited number of channels available.0G involved a third party - a mobile operator to set up the call.

In 1G, this anomaly was corrected and calls could be made from cell to cell without the involvement of a liaison. This was possible due to the analog digital service called AMPS (Analog Mobile Phone Service).

2G, on the other hand, was Digital. Because of this, it used a digital version of AMPS called D-AMPS.2G also introduced TDMA (Time division Multiple Access) which is still prevalent today. Alongside TDMA, 2G heralded the emergence of the popular GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code division multiple access) system. CDMA was originally named cdmaOne or IS-95.It used spread spectrum technology and did not assign a specific frequency to each user. CDMA found a large acceptance from the consumers as it allowed more and more subscribers to connect to it .GSM is also a popular service used throughout the world today, though it was conceived only for Europe.2G also saw the emergence of iDEN for the US and Canada and PDC(Personal Digital Cellular) for Japan. Both of these were also based on TDMA. With the introduction of 2G, data services which are digital like Internet on phone, Text messaging, sharing of video and pictures became possible.

2.5G was developed as a stepping stone between 2G and 3G.The most well known...
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