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Grameen Phone, the leading multinational telecommunication company operating in Bangladesh since 1996. Today Grameen Phone is proud service provider of 15 million subscribers with its largest and quality network spread all over the country with 5000 BTSs. It is a matter of great achievement that Grameen Phone today owns 62% market share of the mobile telecommunication of Bangladesh.

Grameen Phone being the pioneer in providing affordable telecommunication for all with true spirit of customer focused commitment, it was able to reach the position it holds with the support of a squad of spirited, innovative and challenging employees. Incredible expansion and growth is has been the inherent part since 1996, thus the expansion of customer base, products, VAS and BTSs continues as usual. However, at this stage of its business operation competitors and competitive rivalry grows seriously as well.

At present, including rental vehicles, Grameen Phone has well over five hundred vehicles. The vehicles are assigned at various divisional disposals. Transportation is an important and necessary part of its day to day life in GrameenPhone Ltd. Not only technical department but also other department’s employees have to visit many different places everyday. So, they have to depend on their different types of vehicle very much.

Origin of the study
This report is prepared as a requirement after completion of 3 months as an Intern in GrameenPhone Ltd.

The report is submitted to Ms. Rubana Mohsin, Officer, Quality Assurance & Control, Administration Department, GrameenPhone Ltd. The work on this report was carried out as a requirement for the Internship for B. B. A. degree at North South University. The area of concentration is on Transportation Section under Administration Department of GrameenPhone Ltd. This report was based on a real life company where I, as a student of North South University received the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and do in depths research on its problem that the company is currently facing. This project helped me to work with real life exposure to the organizational conditions and have a practical experience of the work environment.

Problem Statement
The research problem statement is “Reasons for troubleshooting of the GP’s pickups staid road accidents”.

Research Topic
From this research I have tried to find out what types of vehicle occurred most of the time and what are the probable reasons behind those accidents. I tried to identify some factors such as the drivers are not experienced with the driving of loaded vehicles. And also they are not capable enough to shift from one vehicle to another, shifting from private vehicles to pickups. Objectives

The purpose of my research is to get the following information: • Types of vehicles driven before joining GP.
• Types of vehicle driven in GP.
• Types of vehicles occurred accidents most of time.
• Specific reasons behind the accidents.

Scope of the Report
The report focused on moderate, major and fatal accidents. Incase of moderate accident the repair cost is above Tk 25000, for major accident it is more than Tk 50000 and fatal means somebody injured or dead. So, we can say that these three accidents are staid accidents from GP’s perspective.

Significance of the Report
The report outcome can help the company to understand the cause of their pickup’s accident. By knowing the reasons of accidents they can take necessary actions to reduce their road accident and also can save some money which they have to spend as repair cost after any staid accident and also it will help them to have cost efficiency as well.

Source of Information
Data was collected from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary: The primary data were collected through interview and discussion with employee by visiting different desks, interviewed randomly selected drivers and telephone conversation with the...
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