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Women rights

An educated female population is more threatening to Pakistan then a large army with a lot of weapons. Malala, a Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by a Taliban soldier wanted to experience education like all the other young girls of her age in other countries. Pashtuns is one of the main culture in Pakistan.There is a myth in their culture that women should not be educated.I believe that there are other million girls out there in the world who are also not provided education.Prents should,whatever their religion or culture,must enrol their children in schools if they are able to afford it.Education is the only wealth that does not perish but grows and spreads.Women must also not be considered as second-class citizens.They should also be given a say in the parliament and in politics.These Pakistanis who are against educated women should understand that these women will benefit their country economically and socially and are not a threat. Keeping a country's population uneducated will only cause an increase in crimes, unemployment and in turn cause chaos. The future of Pakistan will be a question if such saddening issues of gender inequality and uneducated population are raised.


There are many minority religions that are not recognized in Indonesia. In Indonesia, their religions are placed on their identity card. However, those belong to a minority religion or without any religion will be placed randomly under the four mainly recognized religion in the country. I feel that Indonesia's government should do something to help those without a religion or belong to a minority religion. They should not be discriminated just because of what they believe in. I feel that there is no right or correct in the religion you believe in. As for the column in the identity card, I think the government should not have such a system if not all religions, regardless of how minor it is, can be found in the system.
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