Topics: Davy Crockett, Battle of the Alamo, José Enrique de la Peña Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Alamo Heroes
David Crockett and William B. Travis are two heroes of the Alamo and always will be no matter how their deaths play out. This topic is especially important to me because David Crockett happens to be my 16th cousin! My little brother is actually named Crockett and has a wonderful Alamo painted in his room. All this to say...I’ve pretty much grown up around the Crockett death controversy.

After reading both accounts from the battle of the Alamo my mind was horrified from the gory details and lack of organization during battle that carelessly lead to many deaths by friendly fire. The John Wayne movie didn’t quite complete the true scenes of what happened March 5th and 6th. As Santa Anna’s army brutally stormed the Alamo, climbing over one another, with shots firing from above, the Texas soldiers continued their fight!

Stephen F. Austin was a mighty and strong willed man who would stare the enemy straight in the eye while he shot them and honestly believed he was fighting for something so great. Austin most definitely did not go peacefully, taking out soldiers until his last final breath, he was a hero.

As for Davy Crockett, the true story is a mystery, but one that many believe they hold the answer too. Growing up, we heard tales and tales of David Crockett, king of the wild frontier, who had fought and died in the last ditch defense. It wasn’t until the discovery of Jose de la Pena’s diary that the perception of Crockett and his death completely changed. Instead we read from Jose himself that Crockett, along with six other men, actually survived the actual Battle of the Alamo and were brought to Santa Anna for a final decision on their lives. Being the wretched and horrific man that Santa Anna once was, he decided not only to have these men executed but tortured as well. This brings a new light to Crockett’s death and a new form of heroism that is even greater than dying in battle, because we...
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