Governor General in Canada

Topics: Westminster system, Canada, Conservative Party of Canada Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: November 18, 2012
My research paper will discuss the proposal of institutional reform concerning the function of Governor General. Canada is a constitutional monarchy and the role of the Governor General is to represent Canada as a whole in replace of the Crown or the Queen. Since Canada has no longer any real ties with the British Sovereignty in terms of government rules many would argue if the role of the Governor General has any significance to being an important political actor in Canada’s Constitution. To begin this paper, I will discuss a brief overview on what the role of a Governor General is, their formal powers and executive powers, dignified and efficient. My research paper will then emphasize on an institutional reform in regards to the function of the Governor General, it will discuss why Canada does not need a representation of the Crown any longer since the Governor General’s actions are mainly symbolic, therefore meaning that the new reform would have no Governor General appointed royally but instead an elected officer. The next argument in the development of the research will discuss the arguments against this institutional reform and why the Governor General’s role is still significant in Canada and why this political actor should still be a part of the Canadian Constitution, since in fact it is part of Canadian history and politics. And then lastly on the development is what my personal opinion is on the matter of having an institution reform or not and then finally finishing off with the conclusion of my paper.

1. Desserud, Donald (2006). The Confidence Convention under the Canadian Parliamentary System. Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Study of Parliament Group. This article discusses one of the efficient powers of the governor general, dissolving of parliament. The governor general takes advice from the prime minister, when the prime minister might be in a situation where the House of Commons throws a non-confidence vote, and through...
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