Governments Should Spend Money on Improving Public Transportation

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Governments Should Spend Money On Improving Public Transportation Many people in the world want their countries to be developed, and they want to have a good quality of life. Also, they want their countries to have strong potential economy to compete with other nations. As a result, it is necessary for the government to work on improving facilities which are the basic foundation of life. In my opinion, governments should spend more money on improving public transportation, such as buses, subways, and trains instead of working on the construction of new roads and highways for several reasons.

The first reason is to encourage people to use public transportation. Right now, many people feel that using public transportation, such as buses is waste their time and inconvenient because they have to wait for a long time. Sometimes buses are too old, so many people choose to use their own cars. However, when governments spend more money on public transportation, many people will benefit from the spending. For example, the governments expand bus routes to suburban areas, so people who live in the suburban areas can come to the city very easily. One benefit if the governments build more subways or trains which connect to bus routes or other transportation is that it is unnecessary for people to use their own cars because they have good transportation system.

The second reason why governments should improve public transportation is to avoid environmental problems. As we know carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases which lead to the Global Warming. Burning fuel oil is one of the human activities which create high level of carbon dioxide. As mentioned in the previous paragraph if people have good transportation, cars are not necessary for them, so it reduces the number of people using their own car and decreases the carbon dioxide which is burned into the atmosphere. Building new roadways will benefit to people who use private car and carrier...
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