Government Shouldnt Tell Us What to Eat!

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Its our problem not the Govenrment's

The government has noticed that many Americans are obese. Many politicians are coming up with legislations to try and solve the problem. But they are trying to fix it by making laws against things, or banning them. They want to regulate what we eat. Is that against our amendment rights?

The government wants to tell us how we should do things, but is that fair? It’s our lives, shouldn’t we be the ones who decide what we eat? If the government wants to get involved, they shouldn’t force, what we eat or drink. The government has already caused enough problems. One of the reasons that people are becoming obese, is actually due to the government trying to regulate things. The government tries to regulate agriculture, that’s why agriculture has become industrialized. Although it did seem good at first, we now realize that it is actually doing more harm than good! The industrialization of agriculture has a terrible impact on land, livestock, and the workers who work the land. Industrialization of agriculture uses industrial chemicals which increases pollution in the water and atmosphere.
It also uses huge amounts of water and energy. Not only does it have a huge impact on the environment, but it also affects the people living near the area. The living conditions have been deteriorating and its partly due to the industrial agriculture. We have also found that since the industrialization of agriculture, there’s been a rise in food born illnesses and obesity. The government helped start the obesity epidemic, and now they are trying to find a way to fix what they’ve done. It sounds good, but will it work or just make things worse. Will the things they try to implement even make a difference?

In New York, the local government has already started trying to put an end to obesity. The State Assemblyman, Felix Ortiz, introduced a bill that would ban the use of salt in all restaurants in New York. Mayor Bloomberg has...
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