Government Regulations and Standards That Affect the Policy and Target Population

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Resources: Ch. 7 of Human Services in Contemporary America
Use the information you gathered for the Week Two assignment and research government regulations and standards that affect the policy and target population you chose. You can research your state’s legislative department or the Web sites listed in Appendix G, for example, for laws, regulations, and standards affecting human service organizations. Describe the current government regulations or standards you researched. What kind of impact do these regulations or standards have on your issue and target population? Identify obstacles that would prevent you from meeting the needs of your target population. Consider future trends and changes to social policy that may be necessary in order for your issue to be resolved or for the target population to have its needs satisfied. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format, with references, summarizing your research results. Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment. Due: Day 7

Michigan Works and the Department of Human Resources are both government funded agencies to assist those in the state of Michigan that are in need of basic survival needs. Both of these agencies work together to help families get back on track to support themselves and develop a better understanding of how to assist themselves. Under the Department of Human Resources (DHS), the regulations to obtain cash assistance or welfare, from the State, the individual needs to attend the Michigan Works program to seek employment (to get off the welfare). Due to major cuts last year, the state has made reformed decisions on ways of obtaining help from the state. Family Independence Program (FIP) also known as cash assistance in the state of Michigan requires the applicants to sign up for the JET program (Jobs, Education and Training) through Michigan Works. The main goal of FIP is to help families become self-supporting and independent. FIP is temporary cash assistance for...
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