Government Political or Governing Bodies

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Government, Political or Governing Bodies:
Major Legal Entities:
Germany is a self-ruled country in which the administration is the Parliament. The country has two types of systems which consist of the managerial board and panel of directors. The main legal entities in Germany are limited liability, joint stock Company and general partnership (Types of German Companies, 2010, p.1). Some of the legal entities in Japan are sole proprietor, unlimited liability and limited liability company. (JAPAN : incorporation, setting up business, 2012, p.1)

Influence on Organizational Choice:
A range of legal entities in Germany influences the performance of iPhone’s to enter in the new market. The iPhones were doubted in Japan because of the United States original past Apple iPhone. Apparently, the phone could not be used in Japan, because there was not any 2G GSM service there (AppleInsider, 2012). However, launching iPhones into Germany and Japan would provide the business with more customers. The phones are feasible, attractive and would be new for the people in both areas. As iPhones arrive in the new market for getting profits, the best legal entity for the firm would be to obtain a license. This will enable to company to create its’ existence without any help. Businesses can also use limited liability options and franchisee options. “Members enjoy protection from individual liability within this company” (Larson, 2012, p.1). Risk Factors

High competition is a threat related to the business’s performance. Apple’s competitors include Dell, Gateway and Microsoft. Apple Inc. is an American company, which creates and designs customer electronics, software and computers. The business’s well-known hardware merchandises are the Macintosh track of computers, the iPod, iPhone and iPad (Apple Inc. 2012). Although there are entities which influence the choice of organization, there are also risk factors related with this. For example, if the government...
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