Government Policies on Hiv/Aids, Prevention and Control

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1. Using relevant examples, discuss the government policies on HIV/AIDS, prevention and control (20mks) Definition of terms
Government policies- These are the course of actions or inactions taken by the state with regard to a particular issue. HIV- This is the virus that destroys the human immune system leaving the body defenseless hence vulnerable to other infections. AIDS- The disease presents itself as a collection of signs and symptoms resulting from lowered immunity mostly due to HIV hence referred to as a syndrome. Prevention- It refers to avoiding or staying away from risky things. Control- To reduce or prevent the spread of something.

The 1st step was the government approval of session paper No.4 on AIDS in Kenya in September 1997. Its objectives are to give direction on how to handle controversial issues while taking into account prevailing circumstances and the socio-cultural environment and also to enable the government to play the leadership role in HIV/AIDS.

In 1999, the government declared HIV/AIDS as a national disaster and established NACC (National AIDS Control Council) to coordinate the national response to the epidemic.
The government also approved legislation making it illegal to engage in employment discrimination of HIV infected persons. More so, the government promotes the ongoing distribution of creative education, training and media programs explicitly designed to change attitudes of discrimination and stigmatization associated with HIV/AIDS to understanding and acceptance.

The government allowed expansion of strategic policy to include NGOs, CBOs, Religious leaders and academic institutions as well to help in strengthening the methodology of data collection and complimenting government initiatives.

Provision of cost-effective prevention, treatment, care and support services, informed by an engendered right-based approach, to realize universal access. This is through VCTs across the country and...
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