Government of Canada

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  • Published : February 17, 2009
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January 20 2009
Chantal Gobin
Grade 10 Civics 10 Final Summative Part A: Structure of Canadian Government There are many components to the Canadian government that work successfully, however certain sectors may benefit from improvement. Canada's political system is based on that of the United Kingdom with representation of the Queen, which we know as the Governor General, and Parliament. Parliament consists of the Senate and the House of Commons. However, the Canadian Government is primarily run by the Prime Minister with support from his cabinet. The Canadian government is a democratic system, which means that the citizens have the right to vote. At the time of confederation, the governor general was meant to represent the monarch and the British government. He or she was to work with the Canadian prime minister and help said person manage all international affair, as at the time Canada was a new nation. However, today the role has altered; their duties include receiving ambassadors, heads of states etc when they come to Canada as well as signing bills as they are passed by parliament. In addition the governor general plays many different ceremonial roles, such as summoning, opening and ending sessions in parliament. The role of the Governor General seems to exist only of the sake of tradition as well as to keep ties to Britain. However, Canada has evolved much past the point of having a British representative “baby sitting” our actions. The Governor General’s responsibilities are unnecessary; therefore this role should be abolished. As a result Canada will be looked upon as more independent by severing ties with Britain. The prime minister is the head of government. This role differs from the one of the head of state in major ways. He or she come into power if the political party said person is representing has won the most seats in the House of Commons during a general election. The prime minister is the most powerful person in government; he or she...
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