Government Issue on the Education System

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Our Governments Education System
If you stop random students on campus and ask their opinion on the governments handle on the education system you will undoubtedly get a different response every time. From students having a grasp on the topic and others being virtually clueless in both formal and informal education this begs the question “does society as a whole place any value on education today?” If so how much of this alleged value has changed through the years? For most of my formal education as many other students I have been lead to believe that the only way to succeed in this life is to get good grades and as I have grown up I have found this out to be untrue. One’s attitude is what will make us successful not our grades. Education goes way beyond the classroom, life is our greatest mentor. Being dictated by a letter all these years have left many students like myself tired and have just given up. Not to say the basics aren’t important but the majority of the things that are taught are not essential in the real world. The current education system puts too much pressure on making the A and not showing us the power of ourselves. The lack of relevant reading in today’s education system is for me one of the reasons you find students lacking motivation and passion for the books. I hear lots of my friends saying “I hate reading” to which I respond “you just haven’t found the right book yet.” I think an overhaul of textbooks and selected readings would improve this notion.
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