Government Involvement in the Protection and Promotion of Canadian Identity

Topics: Canada, Culture, Fur trade Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: February 4, 2013
It is without a doubt that humankind of this century has exceeded generations before it when it comes to advances in technology, medicine, literature, and overall understanding of the world. Things such as computer technology, the internet and mobile technology enable us to have the option to contact others, sometimes oceans away, at our fingertips. Any average citizen, with access to resources, can now be a publisher, or an author. Information is now being spread faster than ever, thus, the birth of modern globalization.

Of course, there are also many issues that have arisen. People claim that this is not beneficial to society, rather harming it as we are more exposed to outside influences. However, as persons, we should be able to make our own choice on whether to accept globalization or to reject it. The Canadian government should intervene in protecting and promoting Canadian identity to lesser extent than the current status.

The Canadian government requires radio and television stations to broadcast a minimum portion of Canadian material. They insist that they are protecting Canadian identity, that without this bylaw we would be “Americanized”. As cliché as it sounds, every person is unique. Wishing to not partake in celebrating Canadian artists does not mean that they are not culturally Canadian. It should be the peoples’ choice to celebrate other cultures, whether it be American, British, or any other, just as people from other countries can choose to celebrate Canadian culture if they choose to.

Plastering radio stations with tunes from “Canadian artists” like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen does not promote Canadian identity. It is understandable why the Canadian government would want to promote Canadian identity, but regulating the media is not the answer. When was the last time Justin Bieber sang a song about the war of 1812 or the fur trade? The answer is never, and chances are it will never happen. Unless the government is forcing popular...
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