Government Health Care

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Jerry Trevorrow
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Government Healthcare

The overwhelming majority of Americans agree that reform of our healthcare system is necessary; debate continues to rage over what specific type of reform we need. Imagine having health care, and never to worry about getting the healthcare you need. This being available would give people a chance to live a little better.

Having the government provide healthcare would be better for Americans. This type of health insurance would help the unemployed as well as the employed. The

price of health insurance is increasingly costing the American people thousands of dollars

on premiums. The quality of medical coverage in the United States is among the best in the

Nation. With free health care American’s are able to see a doctor early so that they can

help prevent major problems like cancer, HIV or other major illnesses.

The positive side of government healthcare is no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. You are insured from the day you are born. No bankruptcies due to medical bills. No deaths due to lack of health insurance or Cheaper , More affordable; everybody in nobody out. Save taxpayers billions a year in bloated corporate administrative and executive compensation costs. Government-funded healthcare would provide access to medical services for all uninsured. Lower costs of government healthcare will cause insurance coverage to be significantly more accessible to millions of individuals and businesses. Doctors and other medical professionals can focus on patient care, and no longer need to spend hundreds of wasted hours annually dealing with insurance companies. Patients too, under government healthcare would never need to fritter inordinate amounts of frustrating time haggling with insurance companies. Other important positives of government-funded healthcare include: 47 million Americans lacked healthcare insurance coverage as of the 2008...
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