Government Blocks Internet Sites

Topics: Website, Internet, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: August 11, 2012
GOVERNMENT BLOCKs Internet sites
The Internet has become one of the most important technologies that we have at homes, schools, universities, companies, and everywhere in all countries, to use it for searching information, chatting with others, shopping, distant education, and doing many jobs. In spite of the importance of the Internet, so the government of Qatar has the right to block some sites, such as the immoral sites and some social platforms. Many people are unhappy with the blocking of Internet sites because they want to get unlimited freedom while browsing and searching. However, this freedom cannot protect you from many websites, which seek to steal your documents if you download some of its programs on your computer. Despite the fact that the Internet may contain many useful websites, many of them can also contain programs that seek to steal your documents from your computer. For example, Qatar University blocks – Gamezer website – which is used to play billiards, and the reason for blocking the website is that many users may are hackers who can access your computer IP during the game, and take documents from your computer. This happened to my friend two years ago. Another complaint of students about the blocking of websites is that “Some websites that I want to extract information from are closed, and that makes me reject the idea of blocking websites”. This may be true; nevertheless, there are thousands of other sites that you can take what you want from and when you want, and each one contains different information and a great variety of sources. More importantly, there are many educational sites, which are struggling to contain millions of useful information and important news in all areas of life, and most of these sites are safe and free of non-meaningful ads. Therefore, students and others can always use these sites whenever they want instead of the blocked sites. The final argument advanced by opponents is that...
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