Government and Political Events

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Government and Political Events
1. Major Social and Political Events
These are issues that regulated by political policy that affect the whole societies such as a) unemployment
What is unemployment?
Unemployment is an economic indicator that refers to the number or proportion of people in an economy who are willing and able to work, but are unable to get a job; a person in this situation is said to be unemployed. People who are not willing or able to work, for whatever reason, are "economically inactive" and do not count towards unemployment figures. High levels of unemployment are usually typical of a struggling economy, where labour supply is outstripping demand from employers. When an economy has high unemployment, it is not using its economic resources in the best possible way. Unemployment also carries significant social costs. People who are unable to find work must frequently rely on benefits for income: if they have financial or family commitments, this can make life extremely difficult. Moreover, the sense of failure, boredom and rejection that being unemployed can generate has real social consequences. Studies have repeatedly linked unemployment to rising crime and suicide rates and the deterioration of health. The causes of unemployment are manifold. Economists distinguish a number of types of unemployment, however: cyclical unemployment is brought about by the vagaries of the business cycle; structural unemployment is brought about by changes in the economy or the labour market, when the jobs available do not fit the workforce's skills; frictional unemployment is the phenomenon of people being "between jobs"; and seasonal unemployment is linked to certain types of seasonal jobs, such as farm work and construction.

2. Managing VIPs

A Very Important Person or VIP is a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status or importance. Examples include celebrities, heads of state/heads of government, major employers, high rollers, politicians, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, or any other notable person who receives special treatment for some reason. In some cases, such as tickets to events, VIP may be used as a title in a similar way to premium, and these "VIP tickets" can be purchased by anyone.

Every company does have key customers and clients who have a longstanding association with its business. VIP event is one effective marketing tool that serves to maintain and increase the loyalty of such customers. VIP event management is a corporate event planning which are conducted in the honor of VIP clients of the company. It can be in the form of a sporting event, entertainment show, golf play, private parties, etc.

Considerations for a VIP Event Management

a) By Invitation Only
The VIP event is best arranged as an invitation-only event. This shows how special the guest of honor is. Privilege passes, special reservations and exclusive entry rights are good ways to highlight the importance of the VIP to your business and organization. b) Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are considered to be popular black-tie events in the honor of the VIP guest of the evening. Reward them with a special token of appreciation or memento or awards in recognition of their longstanding association and loyalty with the company. c) Banquets

Annual banquets or formal dinner meetings can be held to appreciate their role and importance to the business. The dinner arrangements have to be made elaborately, be it a formal platter service or the buffet meal. d) Media Attention

Make the VIP event open to the media so that healthy publicity is gained out of the entire corporate event. The honorees would generally be sport for the pictures to appear in the local newspaper as well.

Things to Keep in Mind
* Make sure that your guest of honor is present at the event if it is supposed to be a surprise in their honor. * Get to know about the interests of the VIP in...
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