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Death Penalty Final Assessment Government

America was influenced by Britain on the use of the death penalty. Britain had the biggest impact on America more than any other country. European settlers brought the practice of the death penalty and capital punishment over to America. Since Britain influenced America on the death penalty the death penalty was imposed for minor offences such as stealing and trading with Indians. During the abolitionist movement, abolitionists tried to rewrite the death penalty laws. They tried to reduce the use of the death penalty by only imposing it for crimes such as treason and murder. During the nineteenth century the abolitionist movement started to show through and many states started to reduce the number of capital crimes and the states made it so the deaths weren’t seen in public but in correctional facilities. During this time the some states started abolishing the death penalty and capital punishment while some states keep the death penalty. During the civil war the death penalty died down because more attention was given to the anti-slavery movement. After the war the first electric chair was introduced in New York as a execution method and it was soon adopted in other. states. After the 19th century during the twentieth century the united states was in a time period called the “progressive Period”. During this time 6 states outlaws the death penalty while 3 states limited it to crimes that rarely happened. Also during this time cyanide gas was introduced in Nevada this was because it was seen as a more humane way to kill humans. Also during the 20th century the death penalty was challenged in the court. It was challenged because it didn’t follow the 8th amendment the death penalty was seen as cruel and unusual. To modern day the death penalty is still used today in some states and most of the older punishments have been removed because of it not following the 8th amendment most people who receive the death penalty are killed with lethal injection. This method is used because it is seen as a harmless way to die and its not “cruel and unusual”.

One court case that allowed the death penalty was Furman v. Georgia US Supreme Court, 408 U.S. 238 June 29,1972. A summary of this court case is Furman was found burglarizing a home and during his escape his weapon fired off and it killed a resident in the house he was breaking into. William Henry Furman was convicted of murder and was sentenced to death. The level of this court case Furman v. Georgia is national. The element of the court case Furman v. Georgia is judicial.

In todays world the death penalty is still used. Currently there are 33 states in the United States that still use the death penalty. Each state uses different execution methods but most states use the lethal injection as the main execution method. So others methods that are still used today is hanging, firing squad, electrocution, gas chamber. Hanging is still used today in Delaware and Washington but both states offer lethal injection as an alternative. The last know hanging was done on January 25, 1996 in Delaware. The way hanging works is before the execution they bound the prisoner’s hands and legs. Then they blind fold the convict and place a noose around his neck. Then he or she is placed over a trap door, the trap door opens and the weight and the length of drop of the prisoner almost instantly fractures the neck and kills the person instantly sometimes. Another execution method is firing squad. This method is still used today in Idaho, but like most states it offers lethal injection as an alternative. The most recent firing squad execution was that of john Albert Taylor. This exaction took place in Utah January 26, 1996. The way this execution works is the prisoners is tied to a chair and with leather across his head hands and feet. Then sand bags to absorb the prisoner’s blood are put around the chair. Then a white cloth is...
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