Governement Hospitals of Lahore

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Problems of Emergency Wards of Government Hospitals

M.Arslan Malik
Usman Omer
Nasir Butt
Fahad Khurram

Ms. RameezaAslam
Academic Writing, M
(SSC 204)
8th April,2012

Nowadays there is huge increase in number of unsatisfied patients of government hospitals in Lahore . Many articles and news have been published about the poor performance of government hospital. In this research the focus will be about the facts and reasons behind the unsatisfied condition of government hospitals. For that purpose two Hospitals has been chosen. 1) Government General Hospitals

2) Services Hospital.
The significance of this study is to bring forward the problems of Hospitals in the Emergency wards. This research will let people decide who is responsible for these problems the Government, the Doctors or the patients itself?

First of all we would like to thank Lahore School of Economics for giving us the chance to conduct research. We are also very grateful to Ms. Rameeza Aslam in helping us in the project by guiding us. We are very grateful to Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (Lahore general hospital) and Dr.Javed Ali Butt ( Services Hospital), for giving us the permission for the research, for taking interview from the patients and having discussions with the doctors. We are grateful to Mr. Qaddafi (Deputy Medical Superintendent) for giving us his precious time for the interview. We are thankful to Mr. Syed tanvir for giving us an interview and giving his points of view towards the hospital. We are grateful to Dr.SanaAhmed(Services hosp) , Dr.Waqas (LGH) , Dr.Ali Hassan (LGH). andDr.MohsinRasheed (LGH) for giving us the information related to the topic and giving us some facts and figures. We are thankful to the staff of Emergency and Emergency wards for cooperate us in getting the surveys and the having the interviews. Mr. Arslan Malik and MR. Usman Omer is focusing on the infrastructure andManagement. Mr. Nasir Butt is focusing on the doctor’s attitude. Mr.Fahad khurram is focusing on the problems of Patients in Emergency wards.

A government hospital is a hospital which is owned by a government and receive government funding. This type of hospital provides medical care without charging any cost, the cost is recovered by the funding which hospital receives. A government hospital is a place in which the entire sum of money that is required in constructing a public hospital comes from the local government. The private hospitals are managed by a single person or a group of people. Therefore, a single person or a group manages the entire hospital, the government has nothing to do or say as regards the funding or administration. Private hospitals are preferred by most of the people.

From Lahore Services and General Hospital is selected .Services Hospital Lahore is a well known hospital of Lahore which is located at Jail road. It was established in 1958, In 1960, this was converted into a 50-bedded hospital and named as Wahdat Hospital. In 1986 various additional building were constructed and bed strength was raised to 904. It was later renamed as Services Hospital Lahore General Hospital started its journey of helping the poor in 1958. It is a huge autonomous Hospital with 612 beds, spread over 32 acres and providing free facilities and treatment .  | The budgetary allocation for the Health Sector in 2010-11 was increased by up to 32% (compared to last year) to sixteen billion rupees. The total size of the health budget amounts to thirty eight billion rupees. Provision of free medicines for patients in Government hospitals is one of the top priorities of the Chief Minister. In this regard it is stated that an amount of Rs. 500 million was allocated for the provision of free medicine for the patients in Government hospitals.The study will target the doctors behavior to the patient....
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