Governance and Effecting Change in Schools

Topics: Server, Internet, Computer Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: October 21, 2010
To get more internet on more of the computers in the classrooms is a fairly easy process. The school is already paying for the internet service to some of the computers so the service fee would not change. The school would need to have a designated server room if there is not one already to house a back up for the computers. Most school districts have an IT person so this would not be an added expense and if there is not one the odds of a parent that has an IT degree donating some extra time to provide this service would not be hard. To run internet to the other computers the school would need a router box in each classroom that connects to the main internet line in the school. There should already be a router box because of the existing internet connections. The problem lies in getting new computers and the teacher would have to address the school board and if the board does not have the funds then the request has to be taken to the state education office. The computers are usually donated by a company that has computers that are just a few years old and are no longer needed. This helps out a lot in acquiring the new computers. In our district we would only have to address the school board and then it would be put to a vote if the request is denied then the proposal can be brought up at the next meeting. The most important step is getting the request for internet to all the computers granted because a five (5) year old computer can still do what is needed on the internet and the board usually grants proposals for bettering a child’s learning environment.
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