Govardhan Eco Village

Topics: Manure, Cattle, Alternative energy Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Govardhan Eco Village: Oasis in consumerism madness
Simple living and high thinking is one of the main motto behind any authentic spiritual organisation. When there is high thinking automatically that translate into simple living. By the way what is high thinking? We can understand simple living: living close to nature.

Many people think many things in life at many levels like personal, familial, social and universal at different levels of humanitarian, philanthropic, economic ways. That thinking can be either narrow-minded or in broad-minded. It also can be at any place in that entire gamut between these levels. Many people may be acting on this thinking process. But this kind of thinking process don’t solve the basic problems of life : birth, death, old age and disease. If anyone is thinking about solving these basic fundamental unavoidable problems, then that thinking is high thinking. How does high thinking lead to simple living? Just by thinking nothing is going to happen unless action is taken place. There are many authentic avenues like scriptures, saints and teachers from where one can get practical ways to solve four basic problems . They suggest that necessities of life should be minimized as low as possible so that more energy can be spent in solving four basic problems. This necessity of minimization of needs automatically translate into living a life depending more on nature than on artificial industrialization and consumerism. So simple living is an automatic outcome of high thinking.

All the things said and people may say its fine to hear that kind of theoretical stuff, but it is very difficult to follow that kind of life style. More over there is no society having that kind of vision to motivate us. If  you agree, then you will be absolutely wrong. There can be many examples of that sort, but there is one solid example for this simple living and high thinking. That is Govardhan Eco Village which is located in Wada, Maharashtra, India. It’s...
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