Gourmet-Quality Fast Food: Crust and Real Burger

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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In fact, these two firms use a similar market situation and strategy, but outcomes are evident the opposite (Geoffrey Fripp, University of Sydney). Crust and Real Burger World offer gourmet- quality fast food. Why Crust can success the strategies to run and RBW’s poor performance in the market that can be considered such as market segmentation, targeting, differentiation and position. Finally, provides some recommends of strategy for growth and downsizing for Crust.

Firstly, the founder of Crust, Costa Anastasiadis finds out ‘market gap’ that understands consumers’ needs and requirement about a quality pizza and appropriate product to satisfy this market needs. Secondly, in market differentiation and position, marketer wants to develop unique market positions for their products (Principle of Marketing, 2012). Through market gap, Anastasiadis develops product to keep quality of pizza that stays fresher for longer, and suitable for take- away and home delivery (Geoffrey Fripp, University of Sydney, 2010). Thirdly, in market targeting, Anastasiadis tries to explore more opportunities to test his concept that expand the areas of target market for business strategy (Principle of Marketing, 2012). Founder attaches important to internal and external environment of business such as staff recruitment, visually design of environment and customer experience.

The goal of RBW is to be strong brand equity and believes that the concept is strong and will shake up the fast- food industry even McDonald’s (Geoffrey Fripp, University of Sydney, 2010). However, RBW appears some mistakes that like any new business just come into the market. First of all, the store signage ‘Real Burger World’ forced change to ‘RBW’ by landlord. It is lack of experience and agreement of communication with landlord. Following, lack of talented recruitment with a wealth of fast food experience to organize the business. After that, it is lack of restaurant floor plan design that influences...
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